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ICT Training

IT Simplified is leading in training, with top courses in ICT, good facilities and expertise,
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Professional Courses

The certificate courses are tailor-made to create a wholesome IT professional. The courses involve training in Basic Programming, Enterprise Programming, and Advanced Programming skills.

Computer Basics

Certificate Courses enable someone to the world of Computers which is much more than merely gaining awareness. It involves understanding the nuts and bolts of computers like Operating Systems, Word, Online meeting platforms like Zoom, MS Teams and Google Meet.

Learn From the Best

IT Simplified is the best IT Training company and IT Solution provider with IT experienced community and facilities which encourage world class standards of learning.

Gain Workforce Skills

In 4th Industrial revolution, Skills and Innovations are they Key, IT Simplified will put skills at your fingertips and train you to be creative and innovative.

Internship Opportunity

After completing your training at IT Simplified, you will get chances to get internship in challenging organisations to improve your experiences.


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ICT Training
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